Thursday, August 4, 2016

I'm still here....barely!

Hello there, it's been a while.....

Have I really not posted since last May? Wow.

There has been a ton going on over here.

Between my husband retiring from the military (final assignment: The White House) and taking a contractor job,

West Wing of the White House from the Eisenhower Building, where we held the retirement ceremony

White House Easter Egg Roll 2015

Last tour of the House

Farewell lunch in the White House Mess Hall (I had the worst flu!)

A trip to Disney World to celebrate the retirement and my 40th birthday,

Nick's first ride!

His Favorite Characters

The only family pic where he didn't throw a fit!

And his FAVORITE ride - the Teacups!

Camping and exploring Virginia,

Last trip with the old trailer!

Old trailer and new trailer side by side!

New trailer - so much more space!

Luray Caverns

Great Wolf Lodge

Roasting peeps over the campfire!

The nice Amish gentleman letting Nick drive the buggy!
The holidays of course,
Cox Farm

My husband getting a new job back home in Utah (YAY!!!!) and then us taking another trip to Disney World (this time for my hubby's birthday, and while we were still close enough to drive), 

Always our first ride!

I tried the grey stuff, it WAS delicious! (Be Our Guest restaurant)

NASCAR Hall of Fame - Can you tell my husband is about to wet his pants he's so excited?

And us FINALLY moving back to Utah (I've missed this state so much!) I haven't thought about my blog much. 

Moving out of the Virginia house!

My view for 3 days driving back to Utah

Three weeks in a hotel will make you a little silly

Like wanting to hold a baby bear to pass the time

New house!!!!

Nick settling in

I'm on my Facebook page for the blog quite a bit but just haven't had the time to post anything here.  All of that, and another bout of crippling depression (I'm back on my meds-all is good!), and some things just have to fall by the wayside for a while!

But I am back! And once I get my temporary craft room set up I'll get back to making stuff. I really miss it!

Temporary craft area - and all my crap still in boxes!

A mixture of my craft stuff and random crap from the basement in Virginia

Paper. All Paper. Bazzill, October Afternoon, Graphic 45, Authentique, Cosmo Cricket, Bo Bunny, Echo Park, Tim Holtz. You name it, I probably have it in a box here. 
I did work on the kitchen table for a while but it was too hard!

THIS is where my custom craft room will be built this fall/winter!!!!! I can't wait!!!!

This is my corner as of two weeks ago. I'm actually way further now - I should finish organizing this weekend!

So that's about all! I'll get another post up soon with some projects I have done that I didn't post yet. Hopefully this week.... :)

Oh, and we went to Cricut's 10th Anniversary Party. I'm so happy to back in Utah!
He didn't want to let go of Captain America's shield

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