Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And things progressed....

My second big project was a bunch of cards for my sister's 1st grade class. Every year they grow a plant from a seed to be ready in time for Mother's Day. She was telling me how the kids obsess about what plant it theirs. This inspired project #1 - Bugs to go on popcicle sticks to identify their plant. I think I made 25 or so or these.

Then we decided it would be nice if the kids had a little card to go with their plant. Yep, another 25 or so.

After these, I started trying to do things on my own.

First project using Stickles

First card using a different folding technique (As you can seen this did not work as well)

Fish bowls for a morale booster at work. When you did something to help someone out you got a fish. The fist have to live somewhere, right? I made 15 of these suckers.

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