Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Graduation Cracker

Happy Thursday!

This week at A Jillian Vance Design I am making a graduation treat using the Con{GRAD}ulations Stamp Set.

I decided to make some graduation English Crackers. Not familiar with English Crackers? They're a tradition in England at Christmas. They're typically filled with with a little paper hat, a joke or riddle, and a toy or other small gift. They POP when you pull the ends to open them. My family has been doing these at Christmas for years and it's really fun. To make these I ordered the poppers (called snaps on the website) at Olde English Crackers. They also sell crackers all ready to go but where's the fun in that?

And here is my first video showing you how to assemble one of these fun little treats and showing you how to open them!

Seriously, how easy are those? I recommend using fairly thin paper when making these - it makes opening them easier. You can use thin patterend paper or even wrapping paper.


A Jillian Vance Design Con{GRAD}ulations stamp set
Bakers Twine

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