Friday, December 9, 2011

CCI Week #18 - A Snowman Ornament


All the month of December over at Creative Critters Imaginations we are making holiday projects. For my project this week I decided to make an ornament.

Sorry for the quality of some of these pics - it was a very hard thing to take clear pictures of - even with my awesome, MUCH better camera. (Still no DSLR....someday! But I did get a Sony Cybershot HX100V)

I got this idea from something I learned back when I first started crafting about stamping on acetate and putting inside ornaments. I decided why not try that same concept with the Imagine? I tired (And failed miserably) with acetate, but I didn't have the printable kind so I used vellum instead.

I used the snowman layer from one of the ornament images on the Snow Angel cartridge. I edited the image to separate the layers and deleted all of them but the circle with the snowmen.

Since I didn't want to risk smearing the image once it was printed I changed the settings to print only.

I let the image dry for a few minutes then cut out by hand. I rolled it up and slipped it inside the ornament. I used an orange stick to help it unroll and settle in to the right position. (That's one of those little wooden cuticle pushers that manicurists sometimes use)

Using a funnel, I added some snow on both sides of the image. I added the snow last so that I sould use it to help keep my printed image upright. Because I used vellum the image shows throug on both sides so it only needs to be printed once. You could also use thin paper and glue it together back to back for the same effect. If you are doing that you don't want anything too thick so that it can still be rolled up once layered.

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Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a sweet ornament! Thank you for the detailed instructions!