Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Woman Who Influences Me...Part II

Merry Christmas!

As is the conclusion of my post about my Mom.

My Mom loves holidays. All holidays. Even the minor ones like Valentines. We have fun family traditions for every holiday that my Mom started (and others have copied). For every holiday I can tell you exactly what we will do, what we will eat, everything. She has always gone out of her way to make sure that we all have a fun, memorable holiday, and Christmas is when she does her best work (although Halloween runs a close second).

I could spend hours on her different Christmas pieces but the one thing everybody knows her for are her villages. They cannot be described, they must be seen. So today I will be sharing them with you.

North Pole Village - This is the largest of all the villages. It started with a few little houses and now look at it.

Dickens Village

Mayberry (Yes, that Mayberry as in Andy Griffith...she also has one for Bedford Falls from It's a Wonderful Life. She alternates them year to year)

Christmas Cabin

The Elves Annex of the North Pole

A Christmas Story - This is the newest village. I LOVE this one!


Thanks for stopping by! Be sure and check back over the next week. I'll finally be able to share all the little gifts I made over the last couple of weeks.

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Janice said...

Awesome!! My mom puts up a big village too and we all love it!