Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Woman Who Influences Me...Part I


It's almost Christmas and I am home in Utah.....which means I have no place to craft......

So I decided to share with you all some awesome stuff from the woman who inspires me - my Mom.

My mother has always done creative things. She sews, she makes dollhouse miniature shadow boxes, she decorates, she even designed her house. There is very little that she doesn't do! (She's even done a couple of scrapbooks!)

So tonight I decided to share some of her amazing shadow boxes with you. She has done quite a few of these over the years. These are not something that can be put together over a weekend. Most of these take months and sometimes years to put together once she gathers or makes all the different elements.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, and add comments where I can.

Paris Street Painter

Artist's Studio

Bloody Mary's - Bora Bora, Tahiti
This is done in 1/2" scale. Generally her shadow boxes are done in 1" scale.

My Dad carved this piece for the scene as a replica of the tiki at Bloody Mary's. 


My husband and I at Bloody Mary's in Bora Bora in 2006------------------------------------------------->

This one is my personal favorite. This is a replica of her bedroom growing up. It took her over six years to collect all the little pieces and parts to put this together. She made a lot of the items in the room.

This is a tiny replica of her prom dress made from a scrap of fabric from her actual dress (That she also made)

The little pictures in the frame are of her wearing the dress for her prom.

Thanks for stopping by! Tomorrow I'll show you all my Mom's AMAZING Christmas villages. 

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Brenda said...

Wow! Your mom's shadow boxes are amazing!! I love the one of her room as a young girl!! Now I can see where you get your talent from!