Friday, September 23, 2011

CCI Week #8 - The Weekly Specials Are...


I don't know about all of you, but I NEED the weekend to be here! It's girl's night on Saturday and I am SO in need of a night of junk food and laughter!

Since this week was a designer's choice week over at Creative Critterz Imaginations I went for super simple. Actually, I kind of cheated. For this week's project I FINALLY finished my menu board in my kitchen!

The board is a wood framed metal board I bought at Robert's Craft in Salt Lake City a couple of years ago. I painted the metal with chalkboard paint so that I can write on it and I can also use magnets if I want. I painted the wood with a deep red paint and distressed it with some black paint.

I printed and cut several of the cute images from Kate's Kitchen and added them as accents around the edge of the frame. The lettering is done with plain white vinyl and cut with the Expression using Cuttin' Up. Underneath the days there is space to add items that need to go on the grocery list for the next week.

A drawer pull turned upside down works great as a chalk holder.

So how did I cheat? Well.....I started this menu board 2 years ago. I painted it, added the days of the week and the title and that was it. It always seemed unfinished but I didn't know quite how to finish it off. Then I got Kate's Kitchen and I had an ah-ha moment. A couple of weeks ago when I was doing my experiment with the Mod Podge I very quickly finished off my board as my backup project. Since the Mod Podge worked out, I still had this waiting in the wings.

Oh - and before I took pictures of this I very neatly wrote out a menu that may happen on a good week here at home (like if I didn't have to go to work). I do cook, but it's usually really stuff easy during the week and then some of the other stuff on weekends. Well, my poor husband got all excited over the menu thinking I was actually going to make something other than tacos and mac & cheese. I had to burst his little bubble. It was sad. But I did make him Tarragon Chicken, which is his favorite, last night. What can I say? He's cute and I love him!

More details on my blog, Scrapping Under the Influence!


Bex said...

very cute:)

TeresaK said...

I just love it! I want to make one too....but like you, I don't do a lot of cooking it would just say "Eat out" every day! LOL!

Carolyn/MamaC said...

What a wonderful project! You did an awesome job! My board would have the name of the restaurant we were going to that day! LOL!

CutAndGlue said...

Cute idea! At my house, my kids get to pick one dinner each week and something like that would work perfect :)