Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All's quiet on the scrapping front....

It probably seems like I'm not working on anything right now, doesn't it? I've been very quiet and have posted nothing for days.....

But that's not the case.

My first design team project is this Friday and you will be able to find it posted here and over at Creative Critterz Imaginations. I finished it up over the weekend and will be getting started on next week's project soon.

And I've been making cards. LOTS of cards. You may be asking "Why aren't they posted here for me to see?"  I have a very good reason for that...these are all birthday cards that I will be sending out to family members who (I think) follow my blog. August for me goes something like this:

Sister #1 - Ashley, Birthday August 9th
Sister#2 - Samantha, Birthday August 12th
Parents' Anniversary - August 18th
Brother-in-law's Birthday - Bill, August 21st
Mom's Birthday - Glenna, August 25th.

Rather than spoil the surprise for them (if they read this) I can't really post until after the fact.

SO....keep checking back. Their cards will all be posted here the day after their birthdays. And they are cute...well worth checking back for! And if I can, I'll try and squeeze in a couple of other projects too!


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Flamenco92627/ Julieta said...

Same here! I have my DH's anniversary card that I am dying to post but our anni is this Fri. And other stuff too. Can't wait to see your creations!!